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Committing t0 your success 

At Ellis & Hill Law, PLLC, our role in the corporate law arena is to be a go-to resource for forming and maintaining business entities in the state of Texas. From establishing businesses with the Texas Secretary of State, to revising existing entities’ corporate documents, Ellis & Hill Law, PLLC serves its clients in the fields of corporate law and family entity planning. We regularly assist clients in creating Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Limited Partnerships (LPs). 


As Whitney Ellis likes to remind her clients, “Aside from a relationship with God, there is often nothing more personal than family and money.” At Ellis & Hill Law, PLLC, we take that perspective to heart in guiding clients with their corporate law needs. In the conservative oil towns of Midland and Odessa, we frequently find ourselves helping generational family oil and gas businesses. With that privilege comes the responsibility of discussing family succession planning for future generations. We advise clients in how to keep their businesses current and forward-thinking with changes in the law and the needs of their family. We enjoy collaborating with the client’s CPA to ensure that the business operations are aligned with the client’s intentions and long-term vision. 


To schedule a phone conference or an in-person appointment, contact us today at 432-563-4141 or send a message now


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