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Carrying out wishes from a loved one

When a loved one passes away leaving a Last Will and Testament, our team at Ellis & Hill Law, PLLC can assist you in carrying out their wishes and guiding you through the Texas probate process. 


We work closely with the client in gathering the appropriate information, preparing for and handling any necessary court hearings, meeting applicable requirements under the Texas Estates Code, and winding-up the estate’s administration. 


With a team-minded approach, we work alongside the client’s CPA for both small and large probates and estate administrations. We are experienced in working with estates that are subject to federal estate tax due to their sizable nature. While the probate process can feel foreign and new to the client during a time in which they are grieving, we strive to lift the weight of this task and clearly communicate with the client throughout the matter. 

To schedule a phone conference or an in-person consultation, contact us today at 432-563-4141 or 
send us a message now. 

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